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1:1 Coaching

Sometimes we struggle with personal health issues, or reaching a goal weight, or, just want to improve our relationship with food. Getting a personalized plan to tackle your struggles in a 1:1 scenario is often the best way to get undivided and tailored attention from a nutritionist with vast experience. We will start this with a 60 minute consultation, where we will go over your current lifestyle, diet habits, any blood tests or reports, and work on the best course of action to improve your lifestyle (through whole food & habit forming).


The 1 Hour nutrition consultation is specially created for clients looking to discuss & alleviate any specific issues with their diet/fitness or body image. During your session, I will ask you questions about your eating habits, exercise routines, health concerns, medication and lifestyle to give you suitable recommendations. The information you give to me is completely private and confidential, so feel safe in the knowledge that sharing this information will assist me in guiding you towards your health and fitness goals.


With extensive academic training in nutrition and exercise science and almost a decade of experience helping a wide variety of clients, Dr. Priya combines evidence based research and real-life scenarios for her customized workshops.

Dr. Priya is able to provide talks, lectures and PowerPoint presentations and/or offer interactive workshops and classes at your gym, school, work place, training facility, or home. Every workshop will be targeted to the wants, needs, and interests of your audience.

If you wish to have Dr. Priya conduct a workshop at your work space contact here.


Why work with
Dr. Priya

Working with me will be like having your very own personal cheerleader. I’m with you through the highs and lows of this health and nutrition journey. Within a few months of consulting with me, you will:


  • Find your goal body weight which we will work together to achieve safely and then maintain

  • Adopting my 80:20 mindset 

  • Tap into your health concerns, so we can use nutrition and fitness to help alleviate your struggles

  • You will be enjoying your favorite treats without any guilt! 

  • You’ll tune into your hunger cues and learn portion control 

  • You’ll feel energetic, revitalized and ready to wake up with a smile on your face

  • It’s all about sustainability so you won’t be changing your diet from your cultural habits or norms. If you grew up eating chapatis and curries then we’ll find a way to healthify them! If you grew up eating Thai cuisine, we’ll make that work for you too! Cultural foods are my forte so I’m not here to take away your enjoyment of food.

  • You’ll be feeling fitter, your stamina, your strength and your power will all increase.

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