Why You Should Work With Me

The Internet is full of conflicting nutrition advice, making it confusing to know how to add these tips into your own daily life. What’s really unhelpful in all of this is that so much of what is promoted online as the new thing for weight loss doesn’t even work. Unfortunately, fad diets and misinformation are everywhere in the media and it isn’t always easy to tell the good information from the bad. That’s why I am here, to help you recognize what works vs what doesn’t for weight loss and to build sustainable food habits.

Here is some of what you can expect from working with me:

  1. Zero Judgement

There is no room for judgement in my program. I want to learn about your current nutrition habits in order to help you moving forward, never to judge you. My program is a safe space for everyone. I encourage you to speak your mind and ask questions, that is part of how we learn!

  1. Accurate Nutrition Advice and Information

Unlike much of what is found online, I use evidence-based information to help you meet your goals. Want to lose weight but still enjoy your favorite foods? It’s possible, trust me! Want to learn how to eat better for your medical condition (i.e. diabetes or cardiac condition)? I can help you with that, too! I am here to share with you what the evidence says and use it to help you create positive lifestyle changes to meet your goals.

  1. Individualized Plans to Help You Succeed

Everyone’s goals are different, and everyone’s bodies are different! What works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. That’s why during your free consultation I get to know you better, learn about your goals, what you want to learn, and I use that information to help you. I teach a number of my clients about my 80:20 Mindset, portion control, and managing hunger cues just to name a few!

  1. Support System

You are not alone! That can be the hardest part of any change in life is trying to do it on your own. It’s important to have adequate support to help you achieve your goals, and that is exactly what I will provide for you. I am here every step of the way.

The Bottom Line:

My goal is to help you achieve your goals. With my knowledge and support combined with your dedication, we can make your goals a sustainable reality!

Book your free 10-minute consultation with me to get started and learn more

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