Wellness tips for adults during COVID-19

Are you struggling to keep yourself healthy and active during the pandemic? You don’t know how to strengthen your immune system? Well, it is important to remind yourself that your health comes first and that you need to treat yourself with love and respect, and always take care of it. This pandemic has greatly threatened and impacted our physical and mental health. Therefore, I decided to provide you with some tips to find your wellness during lockdown!

Here are 9 simple tips to keep you active, healthy and strong during these difficult times!

  1. Exercise daily (30-40 mins)

  2. Eat 5-7 servings of colourful fruits & veggies (fresh & whole foods)

  3. Choose more fat (olive oil, avocado, nuts, salmon)

  4. Choose less processed foods (packaged snacks, fried foods, frozen meals, cookies, margarines)

  5. Wash hands often

  6. Seek counselling or psychological support (our mental health is extremely important)

  7. Stay home & avoid eating out

  8. Vitamin D (supplement daily)

  9. Manage stress (lower blood pressure)

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