Tips on how to eat healthy on a budget

We all know that healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can be expensive. But how can we eat healthy on a budget? Are there any ways that you can get all the required nutrients without spending a lot of money? The answer is YES!

Here are some important tips on how to eat healthy on a budget!

  • Use frozen produce. It’s usually less expensive, picked at its peak nutritionally, and so convenient.

  • Try to buy local and/or in season produce if you can- it's also less expensive since there’s an abundance. And freeze produce you're not going to use- spinach, bananas, berries, squash are all great to use in smoothies or soups

  • Cook once, eat twice. Use your leftovers creatively.

  • Replace some meat with less expensive protein options like legumes, beans, lentils, eggs or seeds. Hemp seeds have 10 g protein per 3 tbsp, equivalent to beef. Hummus is a great filling snack, inexpensive to make with canned chickpeas and a few other ingredients

  • Ignore marketing labels- all natural, made with whole grains, doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Look directly at the ingredient and nutrition labels. Oftentimes store brands are less expensive and really have the same ingredients as the fancier packages.

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