Healthy Food Swaps for Weight Loss

Refined grains like white bread and white rice, sugary beverages, energy drinks, and pastries are examples of foods and drinks that many people con...

Refined grains like white bread and white rice, sugary beverages, energy drinks, and pastries are examples of foods and drinks that many people consume on a daily basis. These foods are ok on occasion (go back and read my blog post about my 80:20 rule!) but they may be harmful when consumed regularly. Good thing there are healthy substitutes! Let’s take a look at just a handful:

Food Swaps For Weight Loss White Rice --> Riceberry/Brown Rice White rice is stripped of its beneficial nutrients and all is left is the white pearl of grain that you see. Riceberry and brown rice have their whole grains intact. They are full of fiber and micronutrients beneficial to keep you feeling full for longer and are good for gut health. Fruit Juices --> Whole Fruit Fruit juices are tasty and ok once in a while, and that’s because the fiber has been stripped from them in the processing phase of making the product. Trade some of those fruit juices for the whole fruit instead, where you will have all of the fiber and some of the micronutrients that would’ve been lost in the juice. Try blending whole fruits with a dash of water to make your own version of juice – that way you won’t lose the fiber.

Olive Oil --> Olive Oil Spray Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils you can consume. However, it’s still an oil meaning it is not low in calories. To help you manage how much oil you really need, try using the olive oil sprays. You can buy them at the store as a spray or you can buy a separate empty spray bottle and add your own oil.

Margarine --> Mashed Avocado Margarine is similar to butter in that it is a saturated fat. A little bit in the diet is ok, but continuous use in the long term may lead to cardiac issues. For your next piece of toast, try mashed avocado! It has a mild flavor, is full of healthy fats, and pairs well with a multitude of flavors.

Tomato Sauce --> Creamy Pumpkin Sauce Tomato sauce is a staple in Italian cuisine and will always have its place. However, switching it out with a sauce with higher fiber content and varied micronutrient profile, such as a creamy pumpkin sauce, is a healthy food swap worth making.

French Fries --> Baked/Air Fried Eggplant Fries Who doesn’t love a good French fry? We all know it isn’t healthy to consume them on a regular basis. That’s why baked/air fried eggplant fries are a great alternative! This method uses very little oil and has more fiber than even baked potato fries.

Whole Milk -> Almond Milk Because whole milk has an increased fat content, it is not a very low-calorie beverage option. If you need something milky, try almond milk! It has significantly fewer calories and lower fat content. Just be aware there is not much protein in almond milk and pair it with a good protein source.

The Bottom Line

These food swaps are higher in fiber, higher in micronutrients, lower in added sugar, and lower in calories. Making these swaps, alongside a healthy eating mindset such as my 80:20 Rule, will help you lose the weight! Check out my previous blog about the 80:20 Rule here and book your FREE consultation with me here to learn more about how to incorporate these swaps into your daily routine.

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