8 Tasty Plant Based Protein Sources

People tend to focus on the animal protein when planning meals. I challenge you to start putting plants first when planning out meals. Instead of saying “I’m having chicken for dinner” try to reframe that and think about plants first. Plant proteins have many health benefits such as cancer prevention, management and prevention of diabetes, increased fiber, increased satiety, and gut health.

You don’t need to be a strict vegan or vegetarian to incorporate more plant proteins into your diet. The way you eat doesn’t need to be one way or another and anyone can benefit from adding some more plants in their diet!

Here are 10 tasty plant-proteins you can add to your meal plans:

  1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are so versatile, toasted, as hummus, thrown in stews and curries. Chickpeas also taste great in bowls, salads, and soups!

  1. Lentils

Lentils go great in soups and stews as well, but I love using them in any dish you would typically use chopped meat such as veggie burgers and meat sauce.

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a magical gluten-free grain that is a complete protein. Quinoa comes in a few different types such as white, red, and rainbow. Quinoa is also high in fiber, iron and b vitamins.

  1. Tofu

Tofu is a soy-based protein that is mild in flavor, but can adapt to flavors used in almost all recipes.

  1. Tempeh