8 Health Benefits of Butter Oil

Have you heard of butter oil!? This butter oil is one of my favorite pantry staples, the mild flavor makes it extremely versatile in dishes. Butter oil also has a long shelf life, so it can stay in your pantry for a while! You can use butter oil in a variety of things such as roasting vegetables, in baking, as cooking oil, and making granola! Butter oil is made from top quality cream, by removing nearly all the moisture and non-fat solids from the finished product

Aside from Butter Oil’s amazing flavor and versatility, Butter Oil is PACKED with health benefits.

Here are 8 health benefits of my favorite Butter Oil:

  1. This oil delivers natural and organic sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, & Vitamin K.

  1. It also delivers natural CoQ enzymes with anti-aging benefits; your skin will thank you!

  1. Butter Oil promotes stimulation of the digestive track and can aid in nutrient

absorption and reducing inflammation in the gut.

  1. It contains Omega 3. Anti-inflammatory fats such Omega 3’s are essential for brain development and to support your heart health. This also provides an Antioxidant boost for maintaining overall good health.